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Sanji’s shivering .. I like one piece 839 it. It gives us more insight into his past trauma with living with his family. They really did beat the shit out of him back then (we’re probably going to get more in-depth flashbacks of the beatings). Sanji will probably overcome his fear but I feel for him.. that panel really pulled at my heartstrings. It makes Sanji seem more real, very human. I’m EXTREMELY pleased that Oda made Cracker > Doflamingo (no debate guys).

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I’m actually a bit surprised. I believed Doffy would be on the same level as her commanders (probably on level with her weaker ones), but the fact that this isnt the case makes the New World seem terrifying (which is what we signed up for). Dude actually managed to cut Luffy in G4. Luffy is going to need some sort of plan, it seems like Big Mom doesn’t have scrubs that we can just run over. Biscuit clone. Predictable and yet I didn’t see it coming before reading the chapter. I like Crackers new design far better than the ugly warrior look. Here, he has an interesting personality. Yonko commander who can’t handle even a flu shot pain. Also, that cut. Wonder if it was because his haki is stronger than Luffy’s in G4. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is, hence why he cut Luffy. But I’d prefer it the cut was because of him catching Luffy off guard more than stronger haki. Nami was lol worthy. Good job Bropper. Way to sneak in and using their own power against them. But as usual, I doubt it will be that easy. Oda will surely put another twist in there. Still, a good plan so far. Appear close to a mirror next to Sanji. The brother’s hype is real. I wonder how strong they are. For all its worth, I feel as if Sanji will verse the strongest of the brother and probably kick their ass. It will be revenge time for the childhood and it will be sweet. I don’t see any of the brothers being stronger than Sanji but maybe that’s just me.