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I think my biggest issue with this chapterĀ Naruto 689 is the fact that Sasuke’s ability seem so limited. He can see Limbo and he can teleport in limited distances, but I have a hard time believing those are his only abilities.

I think the fact that Kakashi can now use perfect Susanoo further diminishes Sasuke’s ability compared to Naruto. He has the rinnegan, and he hasn’t shown he’s able to do much with it besides teleport. Not to mention, him being dragged into another dimension leaving him helpless didn’t do much do boost his abilities. Naruto has always been the power house, but him and Sasuke are the incarnation of Indra and Ashura which should put them somewhat on par with one another.

naruto manga 689

naruto manga 689

It’s not a discussion about whose stronger than who, but it’s the fact that Naruto thus far over these last couple of chapters has made Sasuke look useless. Sort of like, yeah Sasuke has to be there to seal Kaguya, but then what else?Yea, it’s more like a purgatory where lost soul needs to find their contentment before they can go to the heaven.

We’ve seen how white fang waited for kakashi for so many years in a bonfire theme in a dark dimension just to ask for forgiveness before he’ll going to meet kakashi’s mom. That’s alone is hint that a lost soul like rin needs to wait for obito or kakashi to move on to her everlasting rest,

And I think obito didn’t really manipulate that dimension/purgatory, it’s more like he made some fail safe method or seal before he died that can transfer his power to kakashi. He didn’t just literally came back from the dead just to give his power, it was somehow his plan that will trigger the moment he died.

He may seems that he came back on his own accord, but I think he just came back because it triggered his fail safe method.